Achieve Your Best Mental & Physical Performance in 20 Minutes

The Science of Performance: How to develop top performance in 20 minutes a day

Science of Performance

How to develop the mental, tactical, and physical skills of top performers! is a tactical workshop revealing how busy professionals can utilize the knowledge and experience of top athletic coaches to refine and enlarge their perspective on winning – in business and life.


Top Performers Too Busy To Exercise presentation reveals how busy professionals can utilize our tactical understanding of habits  and willpower to reduce fatigue, expand your comfort zone, and sharpen your perspective on career and life. 

Play at the Top of Your Intelligence

How to Be a One Person People Magnet reveals how busy professionals can utilize our knowledge of Relationship Performance to create lasting first impressions, add play to the vernacular of professional relationships, and trade-in the concept of winning for the higher mutual reward of playing at the top of your intelligence.

In this lively one and two-day work-shop your participants will:

  • Learn the coaches building blocks for performance success
  • Understand how to create and implement a dynamic performance program for themselves
  • Build the skills for decisively changing habits
  • Use the Science of Performance tools in the workshop to experience the mindset of top performing athletes
  • Develop a daily, weekly, monthly blueprint to take action: Mentality, Perspective, & Training

In this lively, 25-minute program your participants will:

  • Strengthen willpower
  • Understand the anatomy of habits
  • Develop mental tools to defeat fatigue and discomfort
  • Open the psychological door to higher performance 
  • Own the mind-set of the champion athlete

In this lively, 25-minute program your participants will:

  • Learn the fundamental tools of listening
  • Understand the impact and value of information
  • Develop an appreciation for the power of “yes and…”
  • Connect with the dynamics of emotions
  • Play at the top of every business relationship
Why Dan Raabe Performance Coaching and Strength Training?

The Coach describes how his training influences strength and the science behind behaviorial peak performance.

The goal is only attainable if the process is intact.
Performance comes through working the process. We become stronger in mind and body.
In the end it’s the whole person that gets developed.

Dan Raabe, M.A.
Anne Dann testimonial“I love working out with Dan. 20 minutes and I’m done. I have multiple sclerosis and was told I couldn’t do that kind of intense work out and I totally can. Dan caters it to me, he adjusts the workout to my needs for that day.

I can keep up with my family and have a good time. I didn’t think you could do that much in 20 minutes and I love it!” -Anne Dann