I speak to organizations, small business, and other professional groups.

I have two programs, both focusing on the professional marketer, sales person or other professional who develops a relationship with the client.

Train for a Reason: Will-Power for professionals too busy to get to the gym

This exciting 45 minute program focuses on the Will-Power Model engaging the audience in a conversation of habits, self-control, will-power, and the skills involved in measuring and monitoring change for the working professional.

Play at the Top of Your Intelligence

This hour long program addresses the skills necessary to build dynamic relationships for the sales individual who understands that communication today is built on truth, simplicity, and the power of listening.

Both programs are available as workshops that can be customized and delivered as breakout sessions, full day workshops and extended training with the outcome focused on better personal and relationship skills.


Dan Raabe

(303) 880-4641