Imagine if you turned Will-Power and Self-Control into verbs. Would you enhance your performance professionally? Would you have more time for activities that make you happy? Would you make better decisions? Might you find time to develop your strength and conditioning? What would be the effect on your relationships? Would you follow through on every opportunity?

My lively presentations focus on you, the high-performance individual. You have an appreciation of skills that make you better professionally. You have a career and understand how you must continually develop expertise. And you want to be in the audience of other top performers. These are your connectors and mentors. This is where you thrive. Successful people are your tribe.

Will-Power: The tribal fire of mental and physical performance addresses the performance dynamic powering mental, tactical, and physical development for busy professionals. Do you want practical skills you can implement in the shortest amount of time? We customize our content as full-day workshops, breakout sessions, and extended training with the outcome focused on a better understanding of three central performance concepts – your mental strength, your perspectives, and your skilled movement.

The Science of Performance is a program developed around the Will-Power concept and is for groups who want to move beyond legacy “team” thinking developing individuals first, and a tribe second. If you no longer consider the team concept as the focus of your organization and fully appreciate how we all operate within a tribe, this program is for you. If your company has a mission, you must develop people who will work together at a specific wave-length to accomplish the outcomes.

Don’t find a reason to train. Train for a reason!

Dan Raabe

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The Science of Performance – Fit people do better: What Successful People Really Know

Performance isn’t a goal. It’s an action. A discreet series of learning and development steps created from the necessities of the game we are all involved in. It begins with who we are as people, how we attack the game of life, and our physical prowess that sustains our health at every moment.

It’s not enough to simply show up -at the gym, at work, or for our personal lives. We are uniquely endowed with the gift of deciding to do less than our best in life. We aren’t animals surviving in the wild. They don’t have that choice. It’s succeed or die. For us we can throttle it up or down depending on our will to accept less than we know we can attain.

Establish the “be the best you can be” mindset. Learn “fight psychology” – establishing a perspective on the immediate circumstance we alone have chosen. Attack the proving ground of all things physical – professional athletic training.

The Science of Performance is the actions we take for all the small wins in life – the ones that count.

Willpower – Chocolate Chip Cookies for the Brain

Do we understand the science behind will-power? Are we willing to get uncomfortable?

Ultimately, we begin to understand that growth comes through effort and reaching further succeed at the mechanics enabling us to function as humans.

To develop will-power you must have good habits, and until you have good habits you won’t develop will-power. Behavior is not a function of beliefs.

Our beliefs are served up through changing our behavior. A dynamic perspective will ultimately hold us back or permit our fullest expression of success. We use today’s understanding of our brain function to reveal the secrets of will-power. Performance training for professionals only works if driven by willpower. The process is provocative. It assumes that we have control over our behavior. Our success is not contingent. It is a destination that can only be reached if we understand why we are on the journey.

Play at the Top of Your Intelligence -The Art of Effortless Conversation

Your conversation is a fluid tool that heats up or cools off the cognitive receptors in your audience. It’s not the part of the brain you are speaking from, it’s the part of the brain that is listening. We build connections on simple threads of information, positive ball passing, and conversation that goes big and goes long. Be assured. It’s the add information game.

Relationships cannot be scripted. We have to think on our feet. It takes more than passion to deliver our differences. And it begins with what we hear, fully activated ears, and dynamic response tools to fully engage the listener.

Let’s add to our relationship skills and consistently open the door wider to greater possibilities. Let the intensity grow as the relationship develops. Let’s create forward movement to engage our audience, connect humbly and honestly.

Let’s play at the top of our intelligence.

In this lively one and two-day work-shop your participants will:

  • Learn the coaches building blocks for performance success
  • Understand how to create and implement a dynamic performance program for themselves
  • Build the skills for decisively changing habits
  • Use the Science of Performance tools in the workshop to experience the mindset of top performing athletes
  • Develop a daily, weekly, monthly blueprint to take action: Mentality, Perspective, & Training
In this inspired 25-minute program your participants will:

  • Strengthen willpower
  • Understand the anatomy of habits
  • Develop mental tools to defeat fatigue and discomfort
  • Open the psychological door to higher performance
  • Own the mind-set of the champion athlete
In this interactive 45-minute program your participants will:

  • Learn the fundamental tools of listening
  • Understand the impact and value of information
  • Develop an appreciation for the power of “yes and…”
  • Connect with the dynamics of emotions
  • Play at the top of every business relationship
“I love working out with Dan. 20 minutes and I’m done. I have multiple sclerosis and was told I couldn’t do that kind of intense work out and I totally can.

Dan caters it to me, he adjusts the workout to my needs for that day. I can keep up with my family and have a good time.

I didn’t think you could do that much in 20 minutes and I love it!” -Anne Dann