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You are an athlete by design. Your brain craves the heightened experience of competitive athletic activity. Your endocrine system begs for action. Within each muscle cell is the key to health. If you train and adapt, you will survive. Science is on your side. If you slack, you will bend to grim statistics.

Allow yourself to appreciate where your athletic power comes from, and how to develop it. Thankfully the executives I coach allow me to guide them to experience their physical power while developing an incredible foundation of health for their future well-being. I’m not a passive rep counter with an exercise list. I’m a participator. I use your goals as the foundation for functional change. We adapt together.

Athletic abilities are a gift. But they are fleeting. We exist to develop a functional level of conditioning for any person who is willing to put their gifts to highest and best use.

You don’t need our coaching, or this book to get fit. You want the guidance so you can get strong. Fitness is general and abstract. Strength is measurable and a process. You invest in conditioning to protect and power your physical and mental future.

Accelerate your performance. Toughen up your mental machine. The strength is in the movement.

Personal training is the bane of the recreational trainee. Coaching is done together in the context of mental and physical outcomes that change the future. What is the winning picture for you? How will you take on the adaptive process of learning to perform better?

With this book, now you’ll know how. Thanks for including me on your journey.

-Dan Raabe
Creator and Founder of Dan Raabe Performance Training & Coaching


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About the Author:

Dan Raabe is a specialist in performance training for the peak performance executive who wants to develop better mental strength, personal tactics, and the level of physical prowess and brain development that actualizes peak professional and personal achievement.

Dan has a Masters degree and over 40 years experience in body and brain science. He is invited to speak for organizations and groups.