Our astonishment of the American Ninja Warriors is the result of performance training which goes beyond our experience of typical fitness in a gym.

With gravity as the omnipresent antagonist, we watch in amazement as these incredible athletes defy its reach.

How is it that a person can train their muscles to defy gravity, and move their bodies across space in a manner that seems to taunt each obstacle?

It may not be the bane of every trainer and coach to prepare clients for extreme athletics. But anyone can learn the basic exercises foundationally structured to create incredibly functional strength.

Use the finger holds as an example. There are no muscles in your fingers. Only ligaments and tendons. The power comes from the palm and the forearm, then extends to the shoulder. Our physical architecture works to our advantage because it is a system. It functions around three planes of motion we call the midline.

Adults have weak arms, backs, and shoulders. It’s a sad day when we realize we can’t keep up with the younger people in our lives. We honestly didn’t pay attention to the maintenance our structure needs to keep us viable. Can you execute on the training basics? Can you do a squat, pushup, situp, or pullup? Have you ever considered all the modalities of physical training? Was it important enough to you to seek the verifiable truths that can assist you to identify your “why” when you consider what strength means to you for your future of health?

Training is an open door. It’s a vast stage where many roads cross and the combinations and permutations of exercise and training can be implemented to arrive on the starting line.

Become a ninja warrior. We don’t have to see you on the TV to cheer you on. You don’t have to perform great feats of strength and gymnastic prowess to win.

The purpose of conditioning is not just exercise.

Training is mind, body, and soul. If you want to be strong, then train. If you want flexibility and coordination, you must practice. The more you work, the more work you can do.

You don’t have to be in shape to start. But you do have to begin to get into prime shape.


Dan has been coaching high-performance people for a decade. He has created a physical program for busy professionals that is safe, fast, and focused on the strength necessary to move very well. You cannot move unless you are strong, and until you are strong cannot move. If you have the determination to train, train for a reason.