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Dynamic people are a product of the activities engaging them and the time they invest. Business professionals track themselves with exercise elevating their endurance and creativity. Imagine utilizing the power equation (power equals force times distance divided by time) to set personal goals and determine the efficacy of your current output. Force is willpower. Distance focuses on completion of tasks. Understanding the “priority of the important” will make the time variable unique. You must work to the exclusion of all urgencies. Your performance (your power) is meant to reflect the efficiency of your professional skills.

Physical training parallels functional work skills. It’s a process we call adaptation. We win in the gym and take our mental and physical gains to the business of life and career. As we learn to invest the effort to win consistently, we can more easily accept increases in performance intensity. Make the connection between training and performance in and out of the gym. Talent isn’t born. We build it.

Professionals respect time. How do twenty minutes of focused training parallel a twenty-minute business pitch? Both take skill. Sell the sizzle, not the steak. You can ruin a pitch that over-runs its welcome. You can destroy the potential benefit of physical exercise by ignoring the skills, consistency, and intensity balance within specific time parameters. Concentrate on the basics. Pay strict attention to the time invested.

Here’s a method I use:

1. Write everything down you want to accomplish during the day – everything.
2. Prioritize the top tasks that will make a difference to you and your company. Take the rest of the urgent issues and make a joke about them. Immediate problems are an escape from priority tasks. Don’t allow yourself to escape.
3. Include three workouts per week at a time of day when you need it most. Don’t demote this commitment unless it’s a matter of life or death.

Stay on top of your calendar. Give all tasks a time slot and duration to complete. Steep and high priority tasks only need a mental activation to begin. It’s that simple.

Discover why you need to move, think, and act at full speed. Your brain is on board for twenty minutes of extreme focus. Short steps makes the work easier. Try taking a hike for two hours while daydreaming on one topic. Many mental dramas later you’ll remember what you thought when you started. Human architecture includes an active mind. Physical activity inspires activation of your neurological machine.



Dan has been coaching high-performance people for a decade. He has created a physical program for busy professionals that is safe, fast, and focused on the strength necessary to move very well. You cannot move unless you are strong, and until you are strong cannot move. If you have the determination to train, train for a reason.