Performance Training: Business Innovators Podcast with Mike Saunders

I had an epiphany returning from living in Japan and working on my second Master’s degree from DU. My best shot at work is in helping people to better their immediate, and future lives.

It’s the focus that matters. Don’t find a reason to train, train for a reason.

My father had a heart attack at 59. He missed my graduation at The Art Center in Pasadena. It wasn’t a triumph for him. He didn’t take care of his health. He wasn’t looking forward. He had all the signs. Long before returning home, I realized that I might be going down the same path. Going to DU to compete for a sit-down, shut up, do as you are told job wasn’t bliss for me. A creative approach is my sweet spot. Having kids obviated a better path. I will be the best dad I can be – get strong, stay alive, protect the future of my family.

I quit DU and embarked on a ten-year investigation into the dynamics of proactive physical prowess, mental strength, and a tactical approach to life and business.

Mike Saunders agrees: Success leaves clues. It presents an opportunity to apply a proven system to test results.

Dan continues: I changed my path four years ago. I couldn’t train everybody. I closed my gym catering to fitness and martial arts. What came to pass is possible if you have a huge crew of people – I wanted to help a specific group. After interviewing my peer group, I understood that “Train for a Reason” means people will train if the atmosphere is efficient, safe, and fun. And they can make friends. The key point there is time. People would exercise if someone understood their needs and could get them in and out of the gym quickly.

I’ve witnessed the frustration with inefficiency in the gym. As a businessman, I relate to the importance of creating a program that is efficient and equates to a very high level of athletic ability while being portable and direct. It’s also cool that I can train anywhere.

Mike Saunders relates to the power of routine in a society that has acclimated to bigger, better, faster, and easier.

Dan shares that even three times a week, exercise done correctly and on an order (that matters), creates measurable results.

Dan shares that with online tools he dedicates himself to being accessible, for off-floor video coaching or in-person at his gym, he prides himself on caring about his clients through support, because that’s what influences long-term commitment. For those who want to do more, he offers programs that cater to challenge the athletically committed.

Mike Saunders also distinguishes between those who go to the gym without results and those who receive physical and mental improvement.

New clients arrive for an initial introduction understandably nervous about how they are about to be measured. They leave proud of themselves for how they feel and what they accomplished from a program which is different from the status quo.

I have a colorful way to understand the motivation to train beyond the superficial. You appreciate the real reason why you train, the bottom line, and the reason why you’ll sustain a challenge to your limits to feel better and empowered.

Modern training walks away from the myths. Simple training done very well works the best. The better you do the movement, the more you get out of it. Training is a process, which means you build your skill. Consistency is the key to success -it works well in performance, just as it impacts your business.

To hear more about the support that Dan makes available through coaching and training busy professionals, and the key to scheduling and committing to a better you, listen to the short 18-minute podcast at:



Dan has been coaching high-performance people for a decade. He has created a physical program for busy professionals that is safe, fast, and focused on the strength necessary to move very well. You cannot move unless you are strong, and until you are strong cannot move. If you have the determination to train, train for a reason.