Are you competitive in business and life, and understand that exercise is supposed to support your health now and in the future?

Are you thrilled with your current gym?

Or are you bored to death or feeling totally left out because the clientele is too young and the workout looks daunting?

Let’s take a good look at the most simple aspect of exercise. Motion! If you aren’t moving now at your current age, thinking about the quality of the movement, what kind of activity that is and how often you can or are willing to participate then you are cheating yourself out of a healthy future. 

Humans were designed to move and move well like any other animal in the jungle. We were either chasing dinner or being chased by something that thought we were dinner. Humans climb, jump, run, crawl, hit the ground, fall, roll… You get the picture.

Exercise by its very nature can and should solve one key problem. That is to return us to normal movement.

What is normal? We’ll discuss that in further posts.

Coach Dan


Dan has been coaching high-performance people for a decade. He has created a physical program for busy professionals that is safe, fast, and focused on the strength necessary to move very well. You cannot move unless you are strong, and until you are strong cannot move. If you have the determination to train, train for a reason.